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Polygraph Service

Trusted Examinations for Criminal Investigations and Internal Affairs

For over 40 years, L.S. Fulmer, Inc. has been providing polygraph services to more than 18 different police departments and sheriff’s offices. These comprehensive examinations encompass a wide range of purposes, including testing suspects of criminal activity, conducting internal affairs investigations, and performing pre-employment screenings. Law enforcement agencies consistently rely on Stan Fulmer and his team to conduct fair and unbiased tests, free from any political influence that could compromise the integrity of the examinations. With a proven track record, L.S. Fulmer, Inc. ensures that professional interrogations are conducted to reliably extract confessions from the guilty when deception is indicated. 

Trusted Polygraph Examinations for Law Enforcement

Law enforcement agencies require accurate and reliable tools to aid in criminal investigations, internal affairs inquiries, and pre-employment screenings. L.S. Fulmer, Inc. has been a trusted partner for law enforcement agencies for decades, providing polygraph examinations that support their investigative efforts. Whether it's testing suspects of criminal activity, uncovering the truth in internal affairs cases, or evaluating the suitability of potential hires, Stan Fulmer and his team have the experience and expertise to conduct examinations that deliver reliable results.

Fair and Unbiased Examinations

The integrity of polygraph examinations is of utmost importance in law enforcement. When law enforcement agencies call on Stan Fulmer, they know they can expect fair and unbiased tests. L.S. Fulmer, Inc. operates with the highest standards of professionalism and integrity, ensuring that the examinations are conducted without any political connections or external influences that could compromise the results. Law enforcement agencies can trust in the objectivity and accuracy of the polygraph examinations conducted by L.S. Fulmer, Inc.

Professional Interrogation Techniques

In criminal tests and internal affairs investigations, the ability to reliably receive confessions from the guilty is crucial. Stan Fulmer, with his expertise in polygraph examinations and professional interrogations, is adept at uncovering the truth. Through his years of experience, he has honed his interrogation skills, employing techniques that encourage honest and comprehensive responses. Law enforcement agencies rely on Stan Fulmer's professionalism and expertise to obtain reliable information during critical investigations.

Choose L.S. Fulmer, Inc. for Law Enforcement Polygraph Services

When it comes to law enforcement polygraph services, L.S. Fulmer, Inc. is a trusted and experienced provider. With over 40 years of experience working with numerous police departments and sheriff’s offices, Stan Fulmer and his team have the knowledge and expertise to conduct reliable examinations that support criminal investigations, internal affairs cases, and pre-employment screenings. Law enforcement agencies can trust in the professionalism, fairness, and unbiased approach of L.S. Fulmer, Inc. to provide accurate and valuable polygraph services.

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