L.S. Fulmer, Inc. offers a comprehensive range of polygraph examination services tailored to meet your specific needs. With a focus on accuracy, reliability, and confidentiality, our team of highly trained and certified polygraph examiners provides professional and trusted services in a variety of areas.

Individual, Family Conflicts, & relationship conflict

Whether you need clarification in personal matters or resolution in family or relationship conflicts, our polygraph examinations can provide valuable insights. With sensitivity and professionalism, we help individuals navigate challenging situations and uncover the truth, fostering communication and understanding.

Expert Witness

L.S. Fulmer, Inc’s expert examiners are well-versed in providing expert witness testimony. Our comprehensive and detailed polygraph examinations can assist in legal proceedings, offering objective and reliable information to support your case. Count on our expertise and professionalism when it comes to expert witness testimony.

Pre-Trial Polygraph Examinations

Pre-trial polygraph examinations play a crucial role in legal proceedings. L.S. Fulmer, Inc. specializes in conducting polygraph examinations for defense attorneys, offering accurate and reliable results that can help support your defense strategy. Trust our experienced team to provide comprehensive and meticulous pre-trial polygraph examinations.

Qualified Professional Examinations

Our qualified professional examinations are tailored to meet the specific needs of professionals in various fields. Whether you are a law enforcement officer, a business executive, or a military personnel, we conduct thorough and objective polygraph examinations to ensure the highest level of professionalism and integrity.


Attorneys rely on our expert polygraph examination services to strengthen their cases. We conduct pretrial polygraph examinations to uncover the truth, providing valuable insights and objective information. With L.S. Fulmer, Inc., attorneys can trust our expertise to support their legal strategies.


Law enforcement agencies can count on L.S. Fulmer, Inc. for reliable and accurate polygraph examinations. From internal affairs investigations to criminal forensic examinations and pre-employment screenings, we provide comprehensive and professional services that assist law enforcement agencies in their efforts to maintain integrity and public safety.

Pre-Employment & Security Clearance Polygraph Exams

Businesses can benefit from our polygraph examination services to address pre-employment screenings. With our meticulous approach, we help identify potential risks and ensure a secure and trustworthy work environment. Trust L.S. Fulmer, Inc. to safeguard your business interests.

Military Polygraph &
Lie Detector Tests

L.S. Fulmer, Inc. proudly serves the military with our polygraph examination services. Whether it’s for pre-employment screenings or addressing internal matters, our team is experienced in working with military personnel. We provide accurate and reliable results that align with the high standards and integrity of the military.

Business / Employee Polygraph Services

Safeguard your business assets and recover economic losses with trusted business/employee polygraph services provided by L.S. Fulmer, Inc. For over 40 years, Stan Fulmer has been relied upon by Fortune 500 companies for detecting employee deception and securing confessions. ur business interests.


At L.S. Fulmer, Inc. Polygraph Services, we understand the complexities and emotional strain that child custody disputes can bring to families. Our polygraph services are designed to provide accurate and court-admissible information to help resolve such conflicts fairly.

Behavioral & Addiction Monitoring & Supervision

At L.S. Fulmer, Inc., we understand that behavioral challenges, addiction issues, and acting out behaviors can have a profound impact on individuals and their families. Our comprehensive monitoring and supervision services are tailored to provide support, accountability, and a path to recovery for our clients across the entire USA.

Therapist Monitoring & Supervision with Polygraph Testing

 Our comprehensive therapist monitoring and supervision services, augmented by polygraph testing, are designed to empower therapists and mental health professionals across the entire USA to provide effective, ethical, and trustworthy therapy services.

*Please note that pricing of services may varies depending on location, type of polygraph service, and the severity of the service.*

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When it comes to polygraph testing, experience matters. Stan Fulmer’s unparalleled career, spanning over 40 years, sets him apart as one of the most experienced and reputable polygraph examiners in the United States. With licenses across multiple states and a commitment to maintaining the highest standards of the profession, his services are unmatched in reliability, accuracy, and confidentiality. Schedule an appointment today and experience the expertise and professionalism that come with Stan Fulmer’s experienced polygraph testing.

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