Professional Qualifications

  • Stan Fulmer has conducted over 20,000 polygraph examinations throughout the USA


Graduated from University of South Carolina, 1975, major of Psychology
Graduated from Munford Polygraph Institute, 1978

Stan Fulmer has been an instructor and trainer for the Methodology of Polygraph at the Academy of Polygraph Science and Methodology. He has perceptively trained other polygraph examiners. He has also been retained to conduct polygraph examinations on other polygraph examiners for business and law enforcement.

In research and development, Mr. Fulmer worked closely with Dr. William Yankee (first director of the Department of Defense Polygraph Institute, DODPI) in developing polygraph test formulization techniques and studies for future computerized polygraph instruments. He has also conducted analysis for written Psychological tests, and developed instructions and videos for incoming polygraph students both new and advanced. Later, Mr. Fulmer developed and published the "Century Interview," a psychological written honesty test that was marketed and sold throughout the USA as a pre-employment honesty testing tool.

L.S. Fulmer has been an annual speaker to the Criminal Justice Classes at the University of North Carolina - Charlotte as well as guest speaker for various schools and civic organizations. He has appeared on Court TV as an expert trial Polygraph Examiner during live criminal trials.


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