How accurate is a polygraph test?


Polygraph examinations by L. S. Fulmer are a combination of skill and science. The science comes with the most advanced technology in today's computerized polygraph systems. The polygraph instrument does exactly as intended and does not make mistakes. Mr. Fulmer is a qualified Expert Examiner with over 40 years of licensed polygraph testing experience. The expert experience that Mr. Fulmer has obtained is far greater than the average polygraph examiner.

NEVER hire an examiner with less than five years of licensed polygraph testing experience. This is where errors occur in the polygraph industry due to inexperience. With the design of the polygraph tests along with proper language, question construction, and expert evaluations that Mr. Fulmer brings, you may rest assured of the most accurate examination possible. The Department of Defense has recently shown research that shows professionally administered polygraph tests to be 98 percent accurate.

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