What would be the cost?


Cost would depend on the type of test given. There is no one cost for all polygraph tests. There are many types of tests that are constructed to suit different situations such as.

NEVER hire an examiner with less than five years of licensed polygraph testing experience. This is where errors occur in the polygraph industry due to inexperience. With the design of the polygraph tests along with proper language, question construction, and expert evaluations that Mr. Fulmer brings, you may rest assured of the most accurate examination possible. The Department of Defense has recently shown research that shows professionally administered polygraph tests to be 98 percent accurate.

Pre-Employment Examinations - Used for businesses, depending on the type of business there may be different sets of questions to suit the business and different questions to suit the position

Family Conflicts, Domestic, or Personal Examinations - All of these types of test are very specifically constructed to the specific needs of the person requesting the test. These tests may be constructed in a variety of ways with various amounts of questions. Mr. Fulmer would spend considerable time in developing and constructing this type of test, however a quote can be given quickly over the phone

Attorney Pre-Trial - All of these exams are constructed to potentially be used in criminal trials and hearings. These tests are designed to meet all of the state standard to hold up under the scrutiny during a trial. Mr. Fulmer has been given Expert Testimony Qualification many times in various states

Business Loss - All of these tests are designed to meet all of the regulations instituted by the Employment Polygraph Protection Act (EPPA). The federal government has regulated polygraph testing for employers giving testing to their employees. These tests are designed to find out if an employee has been involved in a specific action causing a business loss or injury to a company

Law Enforcement and Military - Generally Law Enforcement and Military examinations will fall under one of the above categories.

All testing is done by appointment only. Due to only accepting one or two clients per day, any test cancellations of less than 48 hour business days prior to the appointment time, are subject to the full charge.


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