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  • We have consistent clients of over 20 years
  • L.S. Fulmer, Inc. is 100 percent polygraph every day


Because we are constantly testing and have many consistent clients of over 20 years, we do not have to survive on just a few tests. Some examiners are retired and do little testing with other activities in mind. Some are part-time examiners with other duties and charge considerably for a few tests. That is not the case at L.S. Fulmer, Inc. We are 100 percent polygraph every day. We can arrange affordable examinations at your location in a timely manner. All examinations are constructed and performed to meet your specific needs. Therefore, please call us to discuss your specific situation as we would then be able to give you a specific quote. We look forward to your call. All calls are confidential.


Hire the dependable professionals at L.S. Fulmer Inc. for clear, credible polygraph results. We are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Call 1-800-799-6016 now!