Polygraph as an Art

Polygraph testing is not just a science—it is also an art form. At L.S. Fulmer, Inc., we have perfected the art of polygraph examinations through a combination of elite educational experience, over 40 years of expert knowledge, and honed skills obtained through years of hands-on testing and interviewing.

Combining Expertise and Technique

Stan Fulmer, our esteemed polygraph examiner, has undergone elite educational training and instruction in the field of polygraph. With his extensive experience and expertise, he has elevated polygraph examinations to an art form backed by the most sophisticated technological advancements available. Mr. Fulmer’s professional and expert skills have been refined through countless tests and interviews, allowing him to deliver accurate and reliable results to clients.

In any profession, true artistry and expertise develop through experience and the natural honing of skills. Polygraph testing is no exception. Mr. Fulmer’s deep understanding of the philosophies and concepts behind various testing methods enables him to approach each examination with a unique and skilled perspective.

Polygraph Testing: Where Science and Art Intersect

Polygraph testing involves both the science of data analysis and the art of interpretation. The science lies in the advanced instrumentation and technology used to measure physiological responses during the examination. Through this scientific process, Mr. Fulmer gathers objective data to analyze and assess the veracity of responses.


However, it is the art of interpretation that truly sets L.S. Fulmer, Inc. apart. Mr. Fulmer’s expertise and experience allow him to delve deeper into the nuances of human behavior and communication. By combining scientific analysis with his keen observational skills, he uncovers valuable insights that go beyond the numbers and charts.

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