Family Conflicts

Polygraph for Child Custody Disputes: Ensuring Fairness in Child Custody Cases

At L.S. Fulmer, Inc. Polygraph Services, we understand the complexities and emotional strain that child custody disputes can bring to families. Our polygraph services are designed to provide accurate and court-admissible information to help resolve such conflicts fairly.


When it comes to child custody disputes, trust L.S. Fulmer, Inc. Polygraph Services to provide the reliable, court-admissible polygraph testing you need for a fair resolution.

Key Features

Highly Trained Examiners

Our certified polygraph examiners have extensive experience in dealing with family conflict issues, ensuring the utmost professionalism and accuracy in their assessments.

Objective Insights

Our polygraph tests offer objective insights into matters such as truthfulness in child custody claims, providing a valuable tool for courts and attorneys.

Court-Admissible Results

We conduct polygraph examinations that adhere to the strictest legal standards, ensuring that the results can be presented in court.


We prioritize confidentiality and privacy throughout the process, ensuring that sensitive information remains secure.

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