Expert Polygraph Witness Testimony in Charlotte & the Carolinas

Stan Fulmer: A Trusted Expert Polygraph Examiner and Witness

For over 40 years, Stan Fulmer has been conducting expert polygraph examinations for defense trial attorneys. He is highly regarded and accepted by the General Court of Justice as an Expert Polygraph Examiner in both District Court and Superior Court Divisions. Additionally, he holds the qualification as an Expert Witness in the field of polygraph. Attorneys rely on Mr. Fulmer’s specialized polygraph examinations and professional testimony to strengthen their cases in various legal areas.

Trusted by Attorneys in Diverse Legal Fields

Mr. Fulmer's expertise has been sought after by attorneys practicing in a wide range of legal fields. Whether it's criminal law, securities law, international law, employment discrimination, personal injury, wrongful death, family law, or medical malpractice, attorneys repeatedly turn to him for accurate polygraph examinations and professional testimony. They have confidence in his ability to provide reliable results that stand up to scrutiny in trial proceedings and pre-trial hearings.

A True Professional Experienced in Courtroom Procedure

Courtroom proceedings can be rigorous, and cross-examination can be relentless. That's why it's crucial to have an expert witness who is not only knowledgeable but also experienced in courtroom procedure. Stan Fulmer is an Expert Witness who understands the intricacies of presenting testimony effectively and confidently. His professional demeanor and the accurate results he produces instill confidence in his clients and assist attorneys in best representing and advising their clients.

Trustworthy Testimony and Reliable Results

Attorneys value the trust and confidence they can place in Stan Fulmer's expert witness testimony. He upholds the highest standards of professionalism and integrity, ensuring that his testimony withstands the scrutiny of the courtroom. With his extensive experience and knowledge, Mr. Fulmer consistently provides accurate results that bolster trial proceedings and support legal strategies. Attorneys can rely on his expertise to strengthen their cases and provide effective representation for their clients.

Restoring Trust and Strengthening Relationships

We understand the importance of maintaining healthy relationships within families. Conflict resolution through polygraph testing can help restore trust and bring clarity to difficult situations. Our experienced team is dedicated to handling each case with the utmost professionalism, ensuring confidentiality throughout the entire process. We have encountered and resolved a wide range of conflicts throughout our extensive history, making us well-prepared to address almost any situation.

Choose Expert Polygraph Witness Testimony

When it comes to expert polygraph witness testimony, Stan Fulmer is a trusted authority in Charlotte and the Carolinas. With over four decades of experience, he has established himself as a reliable and respected expert polygraph examiner. Attorneys across various legal fields benefit from his accurate examinations and professional testimony. Trust Stan Fulmer to provide trustworthy and reliable expert witness testimony that supports your case.

Pre-Trial Polygraph Examinations: Building Trust and Strengthening Legal Negotiations (Meta Descriptions: Build trust and strengthen pretrial negotiations with Stan Fulmer’s expert pre-trial polygraph examinations. With extensive experience working with the Federal Public Defender’s Office and the District Attorney’s Office, he brings deep knowledge of the judicial system and court protocols. Choose Stan Fulmer for accurate and reliable polygraph examinations that aid in conflict resolution and strengthen legal strategies).


When it comes to pre-trial negotiations and building trust among law enforcement agencies, solicitors, prosecutors, and police, the professional qualifications, experience, and knowledge of Stan Fulmer are essential. For many years, he has conducted examinations for the Federal Public Defenders Office in conjunction with the District Attorney’s Office, establishing a track record of reliability and expertise within the judicial system.

expert witness

Experience and Knowledge of the Judicial System

Stan Fulmer brings a deep understanding of the judicial system, court protocol, and the intricacies of legal proceedings. His familiarity with the system allows him to navigate the complexities of pre-trial examinations effectively. Additionally, Mr. Fulmer is well-versed in filing fee applications and award of payment applications for IDS polygraph examinations. This expertise ensures a seamless process and accurate results that support legal strategies.

Trustworthy Examinations in High-Stakes Situations

In high-stakes cases, trust and accuracy are paramount. Stan Fulmer’s experience and professionalism shine through in his work. As one of the few examiners who has conducted polygraph examinations on Death Row itself, with results sent directly to the Governor, he has demonstrated his commitment to delivering reliable and trustworthy results. Attorneys and legal professionals can rely on his expertise to provide valuable insights and bolster their cases.

Strengthening Negotiations and Resolving Conflicts

Pre-trial polygraph examinations play a vital role in negotiations and conflict resolution. By utilizing the power of polygraph testing, Stan Fulmer helps build trust and confidence among all parties involved. Through his meticulous examinations and accurate results, he contributes to productive negotiations, ensuring that the truth is revealed and aiding in the resolution of conflicts.

Choose Stan Fulmer for Pre-Trial Polygraph Examinations

When it comes to pre-trial polygraph examinations, Stan Fulmer is a trusted and experienced expert. His qualifications, knowledge of the judicial system, and track record of conducting examinations in high-stakes situations make him an invaluable asset to attorneys, law enforcement agencies, and legal professionals. Trust in Stan Fulmer to provide accurate, reliable, and professional pre-trial polygraph examinations that strengthen your legal negotiations.

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